BRANDED...therefore I AM


BRANDED...therefore I AM (2010-11)  examines the phenomena of self-branding we create on social media. These portraits of hand painted individuals attempt to portray our private fears of rejection, isolation, or persecution; or conversely, our wishes for acceptance, popularity, connectivity, and influence. 

In a world of constant image making, people have a wider audience who can determine their worth instantly. An increase in narcissism or 'selfie' culture encourages obsessive attempts for more attention. People want to be BRANDED. But this virtual connection on gadgets creates a social experience of 'collective isolation' from which we scream to be liberated through fleeting mechanical connection.
Rather than perpetuating the typical cosmetic model of seductive hyperreal beings, BRANDED... is aggresively raw on purpose, creating emotionally representative avatars in this new technological world of virtual intimacy. 

The work in print is mounted with no glass divisions to invite a more corporeal connectivity with the viewer.


Fountain Art Fair with Art for Progress, Miami Basel Week, 2011

Branded We Walk, solo show at NH3 Gallery, Splashlight Studios NYC, 2013


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