memory of nothing (2017 - ongoing)


This ongoing portrait series features interracial and intercultural couples from different countries sharing the beauty of their skin and stories of who they are, together.  In an accompanying series of video interviews, couples offer beautiful accounts of their union contrasted with prejudicial projections they sometimes encounter. 

They share how they resist ignorance and intolerance by walking proud or often in oblivion, exemplifying that love can also be a powerful symbol of resistance. 

Without the colonial histories conquest, slavery, and pillage that formed bordered nations rife with racial divisions, - would we see each other differently?  Would we love differently?  How can we live together beyond the borders of internalized prejudice or love deeper than the skin?  What do we need to (un)learn, to remember, to forget, or forgive, so we are free to see beyond our collective scars?  Skin is political, and even radical to some when it is mixed. Exposing these multigenerational stories of intimate unions, offers aspirational counter-resistant examples that transcend cultural orthodoxy, history, race, or societal prejudices.  Rejecting these divisive social constructions through love has become our only hope for survival. 

This work is inspired by the resilience of my own intercultural partnership in the wake of recent racial tensions in the US, particularly over the last two years. I wanted to counter my own fears of the dangers of racism with a visual conversation of unity and love. 


Window Installation: memory of nothing but the soil from which we sprung, 2018

Amazon HQ Storefront Installation, presented by Shunpike Arts, Seattle, Washington, Summer 2018