About Me


Berette Macaulay is a photo-based mixed media and installation artist, curator, and writer currently based in Washington State. Her creative background is in the performing arts as an actor and dancer, with creative dabbles in lighting design and sound arrangements.

She is inspired by themes of identity, transculturalism, spirituality, technology, memory, and mythology, and how they affect us, - inter/intra/personally and within our broader communities. 

Her conceptual portraiture is more of a psychological than visual form of study, examining the effects of class, race, somatic and dialectic language, migrational displacement, and sociotechnical systems on external human behaviors.  Her portfolio also features traditional photographic studies in portraiture, documentary, land/cityscapes, and abstract studies in movement and light.  She is interested in creating work that investigates complex sources of human perceptions as a subversive yet restorative effort to resolve them. 

Berette Macaulay was born in Sierra Leone of West African/Dominican/German-Czech descent. She was raised in Jamaica and the UK, and is now based in the US. She also works under the name SeBiArt. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Cultural Studies at University of Washington.

For exhibition history, awards, publications, and additional info please view CV. *Berette has also worked under the name SeBiArt™ - a visual arts company previously based in New York.



  • Decolonizing Knowledge Panelist/Presenter at the Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples Conference (ERIP) at Gonzaga University (with Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies organization), Spokane, Washington

  • Artist Grant | Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency | August/September 2019

  • Ottenberg-Winans Fellowship in African Studies | Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

  • Artist-Scholar Research Presentation | Tilting Axis 5 - Beyond Trends: Decolonisation and Art Criticism, Mémorial ACTe Museum, Guadeloupe

  • Conference Travel Grant from Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI), University of Washington

  • Travel Conference & Research Grant to Brazil with IACHR | IAS, University of Washington Bothell (2018, 2019)

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